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Telecommunications is one of the most confusing areas in today's business environment. With constantly changing rates and new vendors entering the marketplace daily, it’s almost impossible for businesses to stay current.

Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of telecommunications billing is that most local telephone companies provide no description of the services they provide to the business client. In most cases, the words "local service" describe hundreds, if not thousands, of line items of billing – with no details or documentation.

To amend these practices, our consultants will audit your local, long-distance and cellular phone bills to ensure their accuracy. If there are errors, not only will you receive a refund, your future bills will be lower. Also, because of the number of clients we represent, we are usually able to negotiate lower rates for your company with your long-distance and cellular providers.

Additionally, if you have payphones on site, we can turn that into a profit center. We broker carrier services for public payphones as well as negotiate the best deal for those who prefer private payphones.

Balkcom Group analyzes long-distance bills and calling patterns:

  • IntraLATA
  • 800 Service
  • Intrastate
  • International
  • Interstate
  • Calling cards
  • Cellular package and rate plans
  • Local area calling patterns
  • Roaming patterns.

We determine errors in billing (past or present) and help obtain refunds and/or credits for:

  • Roaming errors
  • Double billing
  • Charges for "free" time
  • Overlapping calls
  • Incorrect rate charges
  • Incorrect cellular package applied
  • Dropped calls (3-7% of an average cellular bill)