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Energy Management

In today’s competitive environment, businesses are striving to avoid overpricing, oversights and overcharges in energy management. However, the area that generates the most confusion – and, consequently, the most billing errors – is the application of rates established by the local Public Service Commission. Numerous tariffs regulate each service, and, in essence, the correct applications of an existing rate for a specific situation and/or for a particular geographical location are prime factors causing the inaccuracy of a vendor's bill.

In addition to verifying rates for electricity, natural gas, water and sewer, The Balkcom Group will:

  • Take a physical survey of the grounds to determine the connected load and its diversity
  • Compare the actual demand to the billing demand
  • Compute the ratio of demand to the connected load
  • Time the meters to check for accuracy
  • Determine the method of distribution and its efficiency as well as check the appropriate phase and voltage
  • Compare the billing records with the results of our survey